Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Things that are starving in my house...

I have a tendency to not be very well organized... I suppose its a little more than a tendency its just plain and simple a part of who I am. So do I say well thats who I am you should live with it? Or do I try and change it?
I wish that the first part was the answer, I wish I was one of those people who could just say, "this is me get used to it!" However I know the truth of that, I want to be a better person in fact I love organization I just don't know how to keep it going. I could ask my Mum to help me, but that would be setting myself up for endless moments of nagging and thus causing CJ to poke his eye out or start drinking.... 

 Now with all of this it leads me to my title ' Things that are starving in my house'. In no particular order I will list the things in our house that have been starving for quite sometime... I will probably be attacked by some animal rights groups but seriously I know its a problem and I am willing to change.
1. Fluffy- Fluffy is our pet fish he/she is a beta fish and because our last Beta died from eating too much I tend to not feed Fluffy all that much. Usually the response we get from people is "Um I think your fish is dead?!". Which then I respond by swishing the water back and forth waiting for movement, and then feed it.
I have decided to change this by feeding Fluffy on trash days. This will be good Fluffy will get fed on a regular basis unless however I forget to take the trash down to the street. Then well pretty much Fluffy is in trouble.

2. Plants- I have 3 plants. 1 of which my Mother gave me along with a small pitcher with instructions on how to water said plant. Somehow I still find ways to forget to water the plant every Monday as instructed. Is it because I feel its just one more way my mother has found to nag me but by not nagging me? I don't know. The other 2 plants are these weird Chia pet like snow men that grow grass out of their heads... I really don't think its physically possible to kill these plants. In fact after the holidays I am afraid I will throw them away only to wake up the next day to find them sitting on our front door step like some weird Chia Ouija plant.

3. My Spirit- I realize that some people may be shocked by this and some may not, and it may be completely obvious to some. I don't feed or water my spirit on a regular basis. I don't know why because I am very aware of the battle my flesh and spirit do every day and somehow I still tend to go on crazy crash diets.
So I start to wonder why? is it my lack of organization? But then how organized to you have to be to just wake up a little bit early every morning to read the actual WORDS OF GOD!
On the days I don't do my devos the person who suffers the most is me! Well maybe CJ too because I am a little bit crankier, well ok and the boys because I don't have the patience I need to deal with them.
So how do I rectify this situation? I could call my Mum and ask her to nag me, I could write it on a calendar, or I could just plain do it.
I recently started reading 'The Privilege' by Kay Smith and the first chapter is titled ' a Right relationship'. How can I think I have a right relationship with my Heavenly Father if I don't read His word? If I am not filling my heart with the instructions He has given me how can I expect Him to do great things in and through me?
So therefore I have purposed in my heart to read the word everyday even on days I've been to church.
Job 23:12 says " I have treasured the words of HIS mouth more than my necessary food".
Well then people, how often when you are eating breakfast are you discussing what you are goingto be eating for lunch or dinner? Reading the word of God should be like this. We should be excited about the next time we get to read. It shouldn't be well I'm a good christian so I have to read my devos every day its a GET TO.
You know how people go on those crazy diets where they only eat white things or they just eat special diet cookies. Sometimes for me reading the word of God is like this... I get all psyched up and read an amazing book or some really cool part of scripture but I still end up fizzling out. I end up feeling all down and gloomy because I gave up. Well I say if your like me we need like a Jenny Craig or Nutri System spiritual diet.
Like the ones where you ' Eat amazing food and pounds just fall off'. Lets just dig into our bibles everyday 2 times a day if we want and watch all that nasty fruit of the flesh fall away.
I am in, and I hope you are too. People find someone to keep you accountable or just realize reading God's Word is not a chore its a wonderful vacation with your Lord and SAVIOUR.

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  1. Catching up on my blogging....
    I loved this post. I'm in sizzle! I hope it's been going well for you since you posted this. From one distractible girl to another... through the power of the Holy Spirit we can do it!

    I love you to bits!